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  1. khanhok
    01-19-2016 03:08 AM
    cong ty luat thanh lap cong ty tu van luat tu van luat nhac san ? ta s***7869; ho?n th?nh t?m nguy***7879;n c***7911;a ng***432;***417;i, c***7843;m ***417;n ng***432;***417;i l?m nh***7919;ng ***273;i***7873;u v? b***7897; l***7841;c." Ph***7893; Kh***432;***417;ng Man C?ng ***273;i t***7899;i g***7847;n ?ng l?o trong v?ng m***7897;t m?t, t***7915; t***7915; n?i.
    L?o v***7915;a n?i xong, khu?n m***7863;t ?ng l?o ng***417; ng?c ch***7907;t bi***7871;n s***7855;c m***7863;t, ***273;***7883;nh l?i ra sau. Ch***7881; th***7845;y Man C?ng n?ng l?n tay ph***7843;i ***273;***7897;t nhi?n vung. ?ng l?o Kh?i Th***7911; h?t th***7843;m m***7897;t ti***7871;ng, th?n th***7875; li***7873;n b***7883; ***273;o?n kh?i ***273;en n***7891;ng ***273;***7853;m qu***7845;n l***7845;y, run l***7849;y b***7849;y b***7883; qu***7845;n ***273;***432;a ra ngo?i n?i Ph***7893; Kh***432;***417;ng, ph?t ch***7889;c b***7883; mang l?n gi***7919;a tr***7901;i H?m S***417;n Th?nh ng***7853;p ti***7871;ng x?n xao.
    "Ng***432;***7901;i n?y c


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