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05-08-2012, 02:30 PM

So I tried to make a server for the 2000s game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, I set up a config with the set up usually used for the game and added a config which normally runs the game(seen below)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" standalone="yes"?>
<NAME>Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force</NAME>
<DEFAULTCUSTOMCMDLINE>+set dedicated 2 +set net_port 27970 +com_hunkMegs 256 +exec server.cfg +set net_ip %serverip%</DEFAULTCUSTOMCMDLINE>
<CONTENTS>//set Gametype to 4 for Capture the Flag Mode
g_gametype 4

//Capture The Flag settings below
//set fraglimit. Fraglimit of 0 is default for CTF. Set to 0 for no limit.
fraglimit 0
//set timelimit. Timelimit of 30 is default for CTF. Set to 0 for no limit.
timelimit 30
//set flag capture limit before level changes. Set to 0 for no limit (Default: 8)
capturelimit 10
//turn on friendly fire. Friendlyfire off is default for CTF. 1=on
g_friendlyFire 0
//set Maximum number of clients
sv_maxclients %slots%

//set host name that shows up in server list. Change below to your server name preference
sv_hostname "%hostname%"

//set message of the day that players see while connecting to the server. Must be set before level loads. Change below to your message of the day preference.
g_motd "Welcome to the CGINT Elite Force CTF server"

//set the number of private clients
sv_privateClients 0
//set Password for private clients
sv_privatePassword ""

//set remote console password used by client
rconpassword "%rconpassword%"

//set max allowable rate for a client. 8000 to 10000 recommended. Max: 25000 (Default: 0)
sv_maxRate 10000

//Pure Server: turn on/off pak cheat check. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1)
sv_pure 1

//add up to 4 additional master servers to report to
sv_master2 ""
sv_master3 ""
sv_master4 ""
sv_master5 ""

//Set map selection, cycle order, and start first map
set d1 "map ctf_spyglass ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "map ctf_thebunker ; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "map noreturn ; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "map ctf_space ; set nextmap vstr d5"
set d5 "map ctf_canyon ; set nextmap vstr d1"

// This command starts the first map.
vstr d1

//set weapon respawn times for free for all in seconds. May need to decrease for large number of clients. (Default: 5)
g_weaponrespawn 1

// Make weapons respawn faster with a lot of players. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1)
g_adaptrespawn 1

//set voting. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1)
g_allowvote 1

//set power multiples for quad damage (Default: 3)
g_quadfactor 3

//set if you want a map_restart. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1)
g_doWarmup 0

//set time in seconds until map_restart.
//g_warmup 20

//set holodeck doors. 1=on, 0=off (Default: 1)
g_holoIntro 0

//set time in seconds intermission can last
//g_intermissionTime 20

//set time you get to beam into holodeck before you can be hit
g_ghostRespawn 5

//force model groups, game will change the player's model to one from the defined group. (default : none)
//valid teams are: borg, starfleet, hazardteam, klingons, romulans

//red team
//g_team_group_red starfleet

//blue team
//g_team_group_blue borg</CONTENTS>

The folder mentioned contains all the game files that are confirmed to work on the system itself however when I try to create a game from the panel I get the following error.

GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Error Compiling Expression: Error Compiling Expression: Invalid expression term '%'
) expected
Invalid expression term ')'

Any chance someone has experience with this or did I do something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

05-08-2012, 09:03 PM
Set all the port expressions blank.