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11-08-2007, 10:33 AM
Hi i would like to take your trial but your toll free number is abroad for me so i can ring you, is there a way that i can take the trial without calling>?


11-08-2007, 10:40 AM
No there isn't.

11-08-2007, 11:06 AM
Use voipbuster, www.voipbuster.com, You get 60Minutes of free VOIP calls proir to purchasing an account.

Its well worth trying to make the call :) TCA is #1, so find a way to make that call.....Just don't steal grandma's phone.

11-08-2007, 11:16 AM
Tony I'm in UK

I ring using skype m8y

11-08-2007, 12:06 PM
Hi Tony

I've spoken to ECF and he's happy with me to offer to help out on this.

We at www.24-Play.com have the DC edition and can offer it to you for a trial if you like. Drop me a pm if thats of interest to you or e-mail me at