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07-09-2006, 06:09 PM
Hey all,

Im a little confused about what all i need to get in order to get everything i need for TCAdmin. I realize i need to either purchase or lease the master server and remote server. but if i buy the master server for 200.00, does that mean for each master server i have i have to purchase another copy, or do you buy it once and use it.

Also i have the same question for the remote server, do i just buy the remote server for 150.00 and install on as amny machines as i need or do i have to purchase a copy for each.

If one would have to purchase a copy for each, do you give bulk discounts?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


07-09-2006, 06:51 PM
Hi Lane,

The purchased options allow for one-time payments for that particular license type.

You system will only need one master server, the rest would be added as remotes.

The pricing scheme for purchased licensing is as follows:

Master Server - $200.00. This includes updates and support for this license for one year. After the initial year you can renew your support and updates for 20% of the purchase price. In this case it would be $40.00 for another year.

Remote Server - $150.00. This also includes support and updates for 1 year. The support and updates for this license can be renewed at 15% of the purchase price. So it would be $22.50 per license to renew.

The renewals are optional. If you choose not to renew after the year you can continue to run the software for as long as you like. The only drawback would be you would not get any updates or support for those licenses if the contracts were not supported.

A license is required for each physical server box. So an example purchase for what you mentioned above would be:

1 Master Server License = $200.00

1 Remote Server License = $150.00

If you were to add more servers onto your system they would be $150.00 per physical server box.

You can run as many individual game servers per box as you like.