View Full Version : Issue with chivalry command line changer

03-13-2016, 04:45 PM
Hi there,

I am running into an issue with the command line changer for chivalry medieval warfare.

Here is an example of a custom command line:

AOCTO-Shore_alpha_p?steamsockets?MaxPlayers=10?modname=B lackKnight -seekfreeloadingserver -multihome= -port=12345 -sdkfileid=230012942 -sdkfileid=232823090 -sdkfileid=229405113

I bolded the parts that must be customizable by end user (client).

As a result I am facing two major issues with TCA v1:
- the customizable parts are splitted in 2 parts as the game mode (AOCTO) and the starting map (Shore_alpha_p) must be the first parameter and the sdkfileid must be at the end (at least after the parameters set with an ?)
- sdkfileid must be repeated for each file id to add

To my knowledge the custom command line has only one variable and custom parameters must be listed consecutively (cannot be separated by non customizable content).
Also each custom parameter is unique so I am not able to allow repeated use of the sdkfileid

Does anyone have a workaround for this ? For the time being I am manually overriding the command line from service settings but that does not allow customers to set it themselves and switch when they like to.